What's Up Mugman Screenshot

Screenshot of What's Up, Mugman?

What's Up, Mugman? is not a Mugman episode but mainly about him. This episode is a talk show hosted by Mugman due to Lemur's lack of creativity.

Description: Edit

Due to creative bankruptcy, Mugman hosts a talk show!

Characters: Edit


Plancy and Flower


Onion O' Riely


Abbi and Azul

The Big-Mouthed Bumbler


Some unknown characters

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the first time Lemur makes a Mugman and Plancy's World crossover.
  • Fans reviewed it negatively mostly because the animation is bad.
  • Lemur had fun making the episode but after he watched it again, he didn't like it.
  • Lemur uploaded the video but he removed it due to a copyright music which was hear in the video but was reuploaded without the copyright music.

Credits: Edit

Animation: Jacob Lenard

Voices: Jacob Lenard as Mugman, Shanon Torrence as Plancy, Dan Lenard as Flower and the Announcer.

Set Builder: Marcy Lenard

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