[Episode begins with Pementa and Mugman. They are outside watching birds.]

Mugman: Ooh, there's a yellow-bellied sapsucker!

Pementa: Ah, those guys are cool. They have yellow bellies and they suck sap.

Mugman: Seems pretty obvious Pementa. Hey, there's a red-wing blackbird at the bird feeder!

[Red-wing blackbird tweets.]

Pementa; Whoa! I like birds.

Mugman: Me too.

[The red-wing blackbird flies away and a squirrel approaches. Pementa is nervous of squirrels.]

Pementa: Uh, Mugman?

Mugman: What?

Pementa: Mugman, that's a squirrel.

Mugman: Yep, that is a squirrel.

Pementa: *Whispers* I don't like squirrels Mugman. Can we go inside?

Mugman: Uh, I-I guess.

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