Onion O'Riely

"I've seen some things, man but I've never anything like this!"











Wife, kids (one son and at least one other child)

First Appearance

"Mugman Can't Sleep" (Cameo)


Sterling Swanson

Onion O'Riely is a minor character in Mugman, and is Mugman's neighbor.


Onion formerly had little screen time in the series, but starting in the remake of "Mugman gets into Shape", he became more of a major character. His first speaking role was in "Dollar Land," where he is freaked out after visiting the dollar store. He later appears in "One Strike!," where it is revealed that he has a wife. Later, he has a speaking role in "Mugman at the Driving Range," where he is revealed to really enjoy playing ping-pong, and that he has children. His unnamed son is seen playing catch with him in "Hook, Line & Saucer," and fails to catch the football that then knocks the saucer out of Mugman's hands. In the Mugman gets into Shape remake, he appeared to be a sarcastic and impatient individual, teasing Mugman that he couldn't push a box and forced Mugman to work quickly.


Onion O'Riely appears to be a short onion man with a small, but wide body. He wears transparent glasses, brown shoes, a blue shirt, and a mustache resembling Charlie Chaplin's. His voice is raspy and deep, resembling a typical middle-aged American man.

Cartoon AppearancesEdit

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The gallery for Onion O'Riely can be found here


  • He screams in "Sunshine's Dinner", but his first "true" speaking part was in "Dollar Land".
  • It is revealed, he has a wife in "One Strike!"
  • He is seen with his son in "Hook Link & Saucer".
  • His design changed over time. He used to be completely round but he now has a body. Also, he has less onion lines compared to his original look.
  • He and his family replaced Johnny and Papa in the remastered version.

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