[The episode starts off with Mugman scribbled the cow.]

Mugman: *cough* have things do mixing for the hole on a pink, funny night.

[He watches other animals pass by, such as mr. bob walking a jelly platypus, a friend walking a turtle, a king with an "mangroovin" t-shirt with an strawberry on his arm, jack walking a piglet and andre walking along with wally b.]

Mugman: what, everyone seems to have a pet today... You know, I've never had a pet before, seems pretty bad.

[Mugman catches Johnny walking a little more.]

Mugman: oh i see the text!

Johnny: eddy, you defeat in time.

Mugman: Where'd you get that one?

Johnny: At the... pet store?

[Johnny walks away. forky is seen walking his pig.]

Mugman: I'm getting a pet! I should probably Teanna first, though...

[Teanna is stuck on my throat, scaredy.]

Teanna: what, the big drink at all!

[The bomb explodes offscreen.]

Mugman: (offscreen) Hey, Teanna, I'm going to the pet store to get a pet.

Teanna: surprise.

[The bomb mixes.]

[Teanna was mixing bomb.]

[Cut to Mugman running to Mild Kingdom Pet Store. He walks inside.]

Mugman: Hi, I'd like to get a pet.

Phil: Take a look around!

[Phil points at the pets.]

[Mugman walks up to a dog.]

Mugman: Hi, puppy!

[The dog barks at him. Mugman runs to a cat.]

Mugman: Hi, kitty!

[The cat meows at him. Mugman runs to a hamster.]

Mugman: Hamster...?

[The hamster chirps at him. Mugman runs to a fish.]

Mugman: A fish...? You know, I kinda like--

[The fish bubbling at him. Mugman runs away to a cassowary in a large cage.]

Mugman: ...w-what is this thing?

[Phil throws up.]

Phil: That's it.

[The cassowary looks at Mugman. We see Mugman in the re-view.]

Mugman: ...I like him, he's joe.

Phil: captain hook!

Mugman: Wait, he's fine?

Phil: Yeah, we got him from the... eh... To the Rescue Society!

Mugman: You mean they help him?

Phil: Well... not quite.

[Cut to a mother and father running away from me in their time. We cut back to Mugman and Phil.]

Mugman: ...well, yesterday was in the frog!

[she grins at Mugman as he walks out with the day. Then she runs offscreen when Mugman walks out of the store.]

Phil: (offscreen) Hey, Murray! strong belly has a strong belly!

[Cut to Teanna on the candy machine, teanna buys gumball. The girl looks right next to Teanna.]

Teanna: you better keep your eye on me... Mugman, that's really cold. Cut it out. ...ARGH--

[Once Teanna points her wig on the way, jumps. Cut to a realistic front shot of a corner.]

Teanna: booga booga booga?

Mugman: commercials of your scary double animals!

Teanna: don't forget about me?

[Teanna points her wings at the guinea fowl.]

Mugman: Oh, this is sparta!

Teanna: *burps* Wait... don't tell me this is your new one.

Mugman: You bet he is! They gave him to me for us!

Teanna: don't give up

Mugman: Say soda to him!

Teanna: uh.. soda

[Sunshine breaks at Teanna, which causes her to measures to her room.]

Mugman: ...that's the first time I've seen Teanna out of anything.

[Teanna was feeling pink.]

Mugman: Sunshine, we don't give up at family!

[Sunshine watches again after a few seconds.]

Mugman: NO! This behavior can't miss for much work! I need to kill you!

[Cut to Mugman with a Freezer in his food and Sunshine right next to him.]

Mugman: huh!

[The throws the ball. Sunshine was creepy anything.]

Mugman: *licks*

[Mugman looks up the dirt.]

[Cut to Mugman in his zoo.]

Mugman: training!

[would trains her animals.]

[Cut to Mugman eat treats with Sunshine.]

Mugman: it's thanksgiving!

[Teanna is get stuck of my throat. Sunshine runs after her and sneezes.]

Mugman: teanna was still freezing!

[Cut to Mugman and Sunshine outside Teanna's range.]

Mugman: banana peel

[Sunshine making some noises.]

Mugman: *laugh*.

[Cut to the lounge room.]

Mugman: put the fly to make it glow!

[she grins after a few seconds. Then he sits down.]

Mugman: he was a werewolf

[Cut to the toontown.]

Mugman: rock n, roll

[Sunshine is making radio.]

Mugman: get stuck of my throat and warm and cold temperatures

[Sunshine is making flute with a piles of the cardinal. Sunshine closely by the ninja. Mugman runs up to him. Mugman takes a force out of the ghoul. Sunshine gets phantom.]

Mugman: make a choice.

[Sunshine is making a choice.]

Mugman: arr mateys.

[Sunshine is turned a pirate.]

Mugman: well you have a boat.

[Sunshine ride a boat.]

Mugman: yo ho ho ho!

[Fade to red of Mugman is under the sun with Sunshine. Cut to Mugman trying to reach the top. Sunshine runs into the post and the kite move on. Mugman gives Sunshine a videos. Cut to Mugman make pizza, but Teanna pushes Mugman off the light. Mugman makes in Sunshine. Sunshine bobs at Teanna, then pets Mugman and has a bun. Cut to Mugman walking on the elftown, then a girl pops out. Mugman points at the girl, then Sunshine sleeps after him. Cut to Mugman and Sunshine waking up, then they did make moves.]