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Mugman's Mixed Media was a series of videos where Mugman would review strange, weird or obscure items. It ran from August 22, 2017 to September 19, 2017 with 6 episodes. It was scrapped by the creator due to him no longer liking the concept.

The series was later brought back on December 9, 2017 as "Jacob's Mixed Media", it starred an animated version of the creator instead of Mugman. This series was also short lived. It was later re-titled "Jacob's Junk Media".

As of 2018, both series are no longer available publicly on the Lenstar Productions channel. However, currently they can be viewed from this playlist.

Marios balls

Marios balls

Wanna see Mario's balls?

Episodes Edit

And We Go Edit

Mugman reads (and riffs on) "And We Go" by Tom Whitman, an awful children's book from 1972.

Uploaded August 22, 2017

Dancing Hamster Edit

Mugman looks at "Dancing Hamster", a strange toy that does not work.

Uploaded August 24, 2017

Mario's Balls Edit

Mugman looks at Mario's Balls!

Uploaded August 29, 2017

Bootleg Rugrats Toy Edit

Mugman looks at a strange bootleg Rugrats toy found in the LA toy district.

Uploaded September 5, 2017

Can You Herd Me Now? Edit

Mugman looks at a bizarre t-shirt that fails at its own joke.

Uploaded September 12, 2017

Lady Cruncher Edit

Mugman looks at a very ugly Pac-Man clone.

Uploaded September 19, 2017. *Finale*

Jacob's Mixed Media Edit

Jacob's Mixed Media (also known as Jacob's Junk Media) had an animated Jacob Lenard in place of Mugman. Only one episode was released on December 9, 2017.

And You Go Edit

Jacob looks at And You Go by Tom Whitman, the "sequel" to Tom's other book, "And We Go".