Mugman mugmans mixed media

Mugman's current look as of Mugman's Mixed Media


Created by

Jacob Lenard

Date of Creation

May 27, 2013



First Appearance

"The Mugger"


Jacob Lenard
Brian Amador (Singing Voice)
Matt Short (The Mugger)

First Appearance


Mugman is the main protagonist of the web series, Mugman, by Jacob Lenard.

History Edit

Mugman's character dates back to May 27, 2013, when he first appeared in a video from one of Jacob Lenard's earlier ventures, The Dups. The video, titled, "The Mugger", featured a crudely drawn Mugman attempting to rob a coffee shop and failing in the process. About a year and a half would pass before the character was resurrected by Lenard in the form of a web series, subsequently titled, Mugman. This new incarnation had Mugman take the role of a more innocent and naive character residing the fictitious town of Wedgwood, a highly surreal and bizarre community inhabited by anthropomorphic kitchenware, produce, abstract creatures, and humans.

The series revolved around Mugman going on various misadventures with his sister, Teanna (Prior to her character being scrpped), his best friend, Pementa, and an ensemble of other wacky characters. The series launched on YouTube on October 29, 2014 with the episode, "Mugman's Wish," and would continue on well into mid-2016 until the creator fell into a deep creative slump. He had grown generally negative towards his earlier work on Mugman and had been spending much of his time retooling the show and it's cast.

The last original Mugman short was published in February 2017, with no future shorts or episodes in planned. On social media, Lenard announced his departure from the episodic-based format of cartoons while further announcing his intent on producing standalone cartoons with no continuity whatsoever. Surprisingly, Lenard has since repurposed many of his former characters for new projects, primarily, Mugman and Pementa. They both received major redesigns and personality overhauls; Mugman now has two arms, a more conservative color scheme, and Pementa lost her pepper shaker body and the pepper grinder on her head, now wearing a sleep cap on her head and having a human body. Personality-wise, Mugman is now the one with the crush on Pementa, rather than the other way around, and Pementa is now somewhat sleepy, but is still eccentric and regained some of her more hyperactive traits from when Emarie Pandabeer voiced her, such as her tendancy to ramble.

The two finally debuted in an all new short, "Mugman's Hot Date," which was released on June 5, 2017. This marks the first time since "The Quarter Test," from August 2016, that both characters were featured together in the same video. However, against all rumors and speculation regarding a revival of the web series, Lenard stated that the short was independent and didn't bare any relation to the series, confirming the show's cancellation and debunking any rumors in the process.


Mugman is naïve, optimistic, and wishful, yet very weak. He has an unusual interest in collecting saucers from famous shipwrecks, playing old computer games, and pistachios. However, his biggest desire is to gain a second arm due to never being born with one. Mugman can often comes off as highly dependent on others because of his lack of strength and second arm; many episodes even portray him as an anti-hero as he rarely solves his own problems, making him come off as either irritating, or just pitiful. He presumably lives with his parents and has a pet cassowary named Sunshine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mugman has a yellow, oval shaped head topped off with a red mug. He has rounded eyes and a mouth predominately located to the side of his face. Like his name suggests, his body resembles that of a coffee mug. His torso is a green mug with a blue handle. He has two legs, and for some inexplicable reason, was born with only one arm, hence his desire for a second one.

Cartoon AppearancesEdit

Bandicam 2017-03-19 18-03-32-752

Mugman in "The Doodle Toons/Mugman Crossover"

Mugman has appeared in every episode of his web series with the exception of "Teanna's Treat Trouble" and "Teanna's Job." Outside of the main series, he was featured as the antagonist in the video, "The Mugger" (Mugman's debut video), and has appeared countless times in various fan-made videos. One of the more notable appearances he made was a cameo in an April Fools themed crossover video with the character Bellybutton from Jack C's web series, Doodle Toons. He also made one small appearance in Just Kart Uns' web series Whiskers and Cheesy in the episode "Trapped Out."


  • In "Mugman's Wish", it is revealed he was born with just one arm.
    • Supposedly, this comes from his mother's side of the family.
  • His first appearance was in an animation by The Dups titled, "The Mugger."
  • Mugman's character design has been constantly evolving since his show debuted in 2014. He used to have stick legs and arms, a tiny cup on his head and ultra thin, "lizard" pupils. The most significant asthetic changes made to Mugman were done in early 2017 after Lenard announced the cancellation of the Mugman web series. As of now, he has two arms, his eyes shrunk slightly, the color pallete for his top mug and torso mug swapped, and all his limbs no longer reselmble sticks and are fully drawn out.
  • According to a recent stream with the creator, it is revealed that Mugman says "pop" instead of "soda."
  • The player two character in Cuphead has the same name as Mugman. The Cuphead game was first announced in 2014, while the character of Mugman of the series of the same name first appeared in May 27, 2013.

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