Jacob Lenard, also known as lemurboy123 or "Lemur" (born May 21, 1997; age 21[1]), is the creator, director, writer, character designer, background designer, artist, cartoonist and animator of an array of various animated web series, which include The DupsMugmanPlancy's World, and Evaporate. He is the founder of Lenstar Productions as well as the main voice of Mugman.

Filmography Edit

Title Years Role Notes
The Dups 2011-2013 Creator, animator, voice actor Lenard's first show, would later spawn Mugman.
Mugman 2014-2017 Creator, animator, voice actor
Plancy's World 2015-present Creator, animator Parody of Dora the Explorer
Evaporate 2016-present Creator, animator, voice actor
Doodle Toons 2016-2017 Voice actor, animator, writer Doodle Toons/Mugman crossover; April Fools prank, Writer for Fast Food Follies
Mugman's Mixed Media 2017 Creator, animator, voice actor Spin-off of Mugman
Welcome to Wedgewood 2017-present Creator, animator, voice actor Sequel to Mugman
Jacob's Mixed Media 2017-present Creator, animator, voice actor He voices the animated version of himself.
Pike's Lagoon 2018-present Creator, animator, voice actor

Previous work Edit

Before making web cartoons, Lenard would make odd, weird and hilarious SFM shorts that mostly involved SpongeBob characters. He would later quit making these videos because he didn't like the audience it attracted.


  • His YouTube account, lemurboy123 can be found here.
  • His Twitter account, lemurboy123 can be found here.

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