Jacob Lenard, also known as lemurboy123 or "Lemur," is the creator, director, writer, character designer, background designer, artist, cartoonist and animator of an array of various animated web series, which include The DupsMugmanPlancy's World, and Evaporate. He is the founder of Lenstar Productions as well as the main voice of Mugman.

Filmography Edit

Title Years Role Notes
The Dups 2011-2013 Creator, animator, voice actor Lenard's first show, would later spawn Mugman.
Mugman 2014-2017 Creator, animator, voice actor
Plancy's World 2015-present Creator, animator Parody of Dora the Explorer
Evaporate 2016-present Creator, animator, voice actor
Doodle Toons 2016-2017 Voice actor, animator, writer Doodle Toons/Mugman crossover; April Fools prank, Writer for Fast Food Follies
Mugman's Mixed Media 2017 Creator, animator, voice actor Spin-off of Mugman
Welcome to Wedgewood 2017-present Creator, animator, voice actor Sequel to Mugman
Jacob's Mixed Media 2017-present Creator, animator, voice actor He voices the animated version of himself.

Mugman Edit

Mugman was Lenard's second webtoon. He made his first appearance in a 2013 "The Dups" short titled "The Mugger". Both Mugman's voice and character was very different compared to his series character, he was portrayed as a criminal who threw mugs at people.

In his transition from mindless short to series, Mugman became the typical every man who was generally easy going and calm. In early episodes produced from 2014-2015, the animation was very crude but in a charming way. Characters were not deep or complex but they worked really well with the simple comedic plots.

Ongoing jokes in these original cartoons would usually be Mugman wishing he had a second arm, Pementa obsessively crushing on the titular character, and weird mindfucks of ultimate fuckery (Dollar Land is one that comes to mind).

During the 2016-2017 period, Jacob would grow frustrated with many characters and the series in general. He made various changes to it. Characters were majorly overhauled or removed from the series and the show would go on frequent hiatuses.

Many of these changes were VERY controversial to many fans of the show

  • Instead of being animated in with the crude style, the series switched to Flash with more polished animation.
  • Papa, Johnny and Teanna got scrapped as characters.
  • Mugman's design was majorly changed, instead of a green body and red hat-mug thing(?), he now had a red body and a green hat-mug thing. Along with the addition of second arm and thicker limbs.
  • Mugman also briefly got black strands of hair attached to his head, but this was quickly scrapped.
  • Not only was Mugman's design changed, his character also got a bit of an overhaul, instead of being a wimpy every man, he became somewhat of an obsessive crusher on Pementa.
  • Pementa had her fair share of changes as well, starting out as a weird off the wall stalker and secret admirer of Mugman, she would become a chill stoner who either doesn't care about Mugman's affections or is downright oblivious to them.
  • In general, the basic dynamic of Mugman and Pementa was flipped.
  • Speaking of Pementa, originally she was supposed to be a pepper shaker, but somehow evolved into a human.
  • The show had barely any continuity to begin with, but in 2017, Jacob gave all his fucks about it out the window and basically did whatever came to his head for each episode with little regard to if it made any sense for it to happen in the universe established.
  • Sunshine was straight up gone for a majority of the 2016-2017 episodes.
  • Not only were characters and designs changed, but episodes were straight up re-made.
  • Mugman Gets into Shape was re-made with more polished animation, but Johnny and Papa were removed from it and replaced with Onion O'Riely.
  • Dollar Land got re-made with Dollar Land Redux with a slightly different plot and ending (Pementa also had a different voice at this point, but this isn't the fault of Lenard, it was more of the fault of Pementa's original VA and trouble she caused behind the scenes.)

These changes were confusing and frustrating to fans of the show and it slowly started to lose its original charm/audience. Lenard was frequently unhappy with episodes within days after they were made, which certainly didn't help the dwindling audience the show had.

Finally after over a year of re-tooling, changing or removing things, Jacob Lenard had finally gotten fed up with the Mugman series and decided to end it once and for all with the episode "Farewell", where Mugman basically told the audience the show was over and rode Sunshine into the setting sun, looking for "work elsewhere".

Mugman would soon return in Lenard's new series "Welcome to Wedgewood", where in the first episode, Mugman is searching for the titular place with Sunshine. But seeing how Lenard hates using the term "series" to describe his projects, it's doubtful it will have concrete characters or settings and will likely suffer from the same problems later Mugman episodes would have. The problems being inconsistency, having no characters to latch on to or root for and having frequent hiatus.

Previous work Edit

Before making web cartoons, Lenard would make odd, weird and hilarious SFM shorts that mostly involved SpongeBob characters. He would later quit making these videos because he didn't like the audience it attracted.


  • His YouTube account, lemurboy123 can be found here.
  • His Twitter account, lemurboy123 can be found here.