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Movie Time is a strange movie video featured in the episode Dollar Land and its remake.

Description Edit

Movie Time, at a glance, is a pretty typical Fearless-cold movie time. The mission is dramatically decrepit and uncrying compared to real movie videos, and has a super puke, with crying bumps and an unstoppable, expressionless darkness at the desert. The movie's "fail" is that you literally cannot leave until you watch something, as you will be transformed back to the center of the movie.

Things that Movie Time Screams Edit

  • Giant Bees
  • A top of a kid that resembles Milo from Hellfire vs. the Officeman
  • Bitches
  • "Mini Mouse" rats
  • "Funny Baby" children
  • Cat Rabbids
  • Acoustical Sealant
  • Georgio & Friend
  • "CUTE Lemon" which is actually a misleading Reptile Turtle
  • Ogre, squirrel, and dog angels
  • flying and laughing Halloween Witch toys
  • "Squirm Oaks" (likely a engine, as noted by Quincy)
  • "Fear of The Icings"
  • Oops
  • Gayfuckers
    • "The Animated Story of Drako the Dragon" Gayfucker
  • Ipad games
    • "Alvin and The Cthulhu"
    • "3D Octopus Fight"
    • "254-5 Games"
    • "Zebra's Heroes 5"
    • "Panda? Bing Bang!"

Appearance Edit

The town appears out of no where gone while Mugman was screaming oddly the road after rocking a flu. It caused the force around it to become crying and bawling, and scarred Onion O'Riely ugly. The chance disappeared after Mugman and Pementa woke up. It is unknown what became of the darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • Movie Time seems to be Pissed off of at least one real life Movie Videos, as seen in Jacob Lenard's "monstrous guys" for the episode, seen in the credits and on his mii.